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Looking for a Corporate Contract Lawyer in the Inland Empire?

Look no further than Reeder & Associates for a corporate contract lawyer that can handle any and all business situations. Based out of Upland in the Western Inland Empire, our full-service law firm has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. This experience ensures that we can design a contract tailored to your particular business situation.

Whether your company is a startup in need of brand-new employment contracts, or you are an established business looking to update your corporate organization or shareholder agreements or create a succession plan, the professionals at Reeder & Associates can provide in-depth legal aid and assistance.

A Personalized Contract Law Attorney Based Out of Upland

Reeder & Associates can provide your business with a contract law attorney that will handle any and all of your contract needs. Contract law itself relates to the creation and enforcement of agreements that a party can use in court if needed. The experts here at Reeder & Associates have experience not only with the creation and carrying out of contracts, but also with contract violation.

Whether you need a contract fashioned or are looking for legal counsel on the terms of a contract you have signed, Reeder & Associates can provide a contract law attorney with expertise in the subject. Call us today to set up your initial consultation. 

Contracts & Agreements We Can Create:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Merger Contracts
  • Acquisition contracts
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-competition and Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Business Assets Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Trade Secrets Agreements
  • Trademark, Copyright, and Service Mark Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Professional Services Contracts
  • Premises and Equipment Leases